What do you mean by sharing?

Any day today experiences make you feel uneasy, uncomfortable, disgusted, angry, frustrated, pathetic, sad,  come and share.

You suffered , share
You got cheated , share
You got abused, share
You got manipulated, share
You felt embarrassed, share
You got illtreated, share
You felt discriminated, share
Have you gone through any form of physical, emotional and mental torture, share
Speak now to prevent others to fall into similar incidents.

Let’s all join hands to create a positive mindsets. Start here , speak now ! 

In what form i can share?

  • You can write an article with your name or anonymously, it will go through the first filtration process, if everything goes fine, we will publish it in our website, if not we will let you know the reasons and request you to change the article narrative to avoid any legal issues, extremist ideologies e.t.c.
  • We can do a direct interview, so you can share your experience and your feelings
  • You can come to one of our meetups with a heading of YOUTHJOSH SHARE EXPERIENCES.

What about my privacy?
You can always choose article option with anonymous name.

I don’t want to share my name to even Youthjosh admin, you can always drop an email to share@youthjosh.com, again it will go through filtration process mentioned above.

How can the experience which i share can help other’s?
Let’s say you handled it in your own way or you become a victim of it, there are people who might have been handled it in a better way, so either you can learn from them or they can learn from you.

So it’s always individual choice what they learn from it, some people can learn to hate certain people, what’s your take on that?

Well, Hatred is very easy because hating someone is always easy thing to do, but understanding is really difficult, this is where our platform helps people to see in different perspective’s but never accepts all perspectives. It’s impossible to change any person, may be you can manipulate him up to certain point, it has it’s own consequences, so he has to aware of it all by himself, we are going to just show different perspectives.

Please visit FAQ, if you have any more questions and if your question there, please drop an email to
faq@youthjosh.com, we will update as soon as possible.