We are all caged in our houses,

But the harmful disease freely roams!

Been sitting inside the four walls,

But the disease roars at human lives and deadly it calls. 😱

Occasions are gone without any meet😔

This disease has scared us all and accepts no defeat❌

Personal touch has vanished with the situation,

Even  though we are together we have lost the connection!

Deaths have risen up just like a pretty number 🔢

Everyone wished to get the world back, waking up from their deep slumber 😪

Lives have been lost,death has torn people apart

This pandemic has left us with our hope in our heart!

It has moved it’s giant roots till the very end

Only if we stand together but not to gather we can defend 👭

Let’s stay at home , protect our loved once to see them smile ✨

Cuz if it attacks you ,there is no cop to protect or a number to dial!!