LightSpeed Cache wordpress plugin do amazing things to your website

LightSpeed Cache is one of the fascinating plugin to improve the performance of the WordPress website. Image Optimisation, DNS Lookup Reduce, Cache Implementation, Purging tools. Plugin is quite amazing when it comes to improving the performance of the website.

Despite the fact of multi website, I was able to Network activate the plugin where it will install the plugin for all sub sites as well along with the main site. It is a free WordPress plugin still work like premium.


I was able to load the site within 2 seconds 608KB page size after performance upgrade, one of the plugin used is LightSpeed Cache.

Before it was taking 6 seconds and 3mB of page size.

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These improvements(LightSpeed Cache Config) has to be done for individual sites when you have multisite facility in your WordPress website. Since I am using different types of themes for each site, performance improvement strategy will change even though main issues can be resolved using LightSpeed Cache Plugin.