User Experince position is a challenging especially when you are working in startups.

User Experince position is a challenging especially when you are working in startups.

Keeping usability, desireability and valuable of the product aside since most of the startups are pretty much clear about what they exactly want and what the product should do. It’s all depends on how communication goes from the UX team to Design team to Developement team and vice versa as well to identify the challenges and unlock the new ideas for better design and better solutions.

Unfortunately some starups infact even some of the big companies are not ready to accept or may be don’t know how to implement UX in their service/product development as an integral part of the team.

a UX designer can work on the product based on the best industry UX practices but end of the day every product is unique, it’s reach is different, it’s purpose is different, team who and how they support UX designers will also matters.

While keeping in mind about all the laws of UX, industry standards, latest trends, as a UX designer we should always keep in mind that we need change our approach based on the product, based on the team, based on the company, other wise it is really difficult to survive.

You learn so many things from best UX institutions but it doesn’t mean that you will land in the best company where they give special attention you needed as an UX designer so you can implement everything that you have learned.

In this scenario as a UX designer you need to improvise your skills according to the organisation mindset, according to the team, according to the product and produce positive results, once you show the result there is a posibility that you can convince them to follow a complete process of UX, eventually with the posibility of the maturity your company may adopt UX fullfledgely and build wonderful products together.

So please do not discouraage or try to teach company about UX the minute you land, but do a research about the product and provide feedback with real time issues that the product is really facing.

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