It’s just a story of a part of a life nothing special…!

It’s just a story of a part of a life nothing special…!

it goes like this…

It’s a challenge to take the right decision or in fact any decision in our reality of life especially if we have crucial economical dependency.

I have never thought in my life about moulding my career with a specific set of skills, I just worked with what ever the job i got, never got into too deep/attachment of any technology, just get the job done types. But I have got my fair share of praises and good response with whatever I have done.

I worked as a designer, front end developer, Php developer, freelancer, corporate trainer, multimedia developer, Product Management, tried to start my own company and couldn’t succeed and go on..

My last 5 years was with a healthcare product based company where i worked on design(psd), UX, usability, accessibility, front end development with javascript and jQuery, developing backend APIs using php for the dashboards I design.

I had resigned the job(July 3rd) where i was getting a high package. Because I feel like I can do much better than what I was doing with even better compensation, that has been a hard choice when I think of my monthly commitments, but it was a simple choice when I think about what I am doing and what i can do. For many people it was a reckless move, few have faith in me that I will get a job again, few say you should have learn things while doing the job.

But overall I have no idea whether it is a good decision or a bad decision deep in my heart I feel like I had to take a decision and thats it.

Because of that decision.
1. I was able to spend a lot of time with my wife while she was giving birth to our child, and had beautiful moments with my baby boy.
2. I have got a chance to give corporate training to new aspirants with DBS, Hyderabad as a freelancer.
3. I am feeling a little relieved of my shoulder pain.
4. Got inspired and learning Java as well along with react and angular.
5. Formed a small team with 2 aspirants who are keen in learning UI/UX from me and work for me on my project. And able to spend some of their valuable time for me

Anyhow, after i resigned and completed my notice period, the company asked most of our team members to leave, which means mass firing, it’s happening these days quite often, so no complains, also I am no longer employee of the company. But the only thing that tickles me is my team members got 3 or 6 months(depends on country) salary when they asked to leave.

People say you should have waited for 2 months you should have got the money and also the gap I needed.

I may have taken a wrong decision by resigning job but not concluding this fact with above reasons. I had an option called paternity leave, I did not think through of it and taking advantage of it, sometimes you need to be smart about how we take our decisions, sometimes our emotions make us dumb.

Nevertheless, I don’t regret the decisions I take. So it’s there.

To be continued…..