EFI Shell commands with options explain

map – Displays or modifies drive mappings.

Here are some common commands in the EFI shell, along with a brief explanation of their options:

/B - Displays mappings in brief form.
/E - Displays mappings in expanded form.
/R - Removes a specified mapping.
ls - Lists the contents of a directory.

/B - Displays only file and directory names.
/S - Displays the contents of subdirectories as well.
/A - Displays hidden files and directories.
cd - Changes the current directory.

cd <directory> - Changes to the specified directory.
cd .. - Changes to the parent directory.
cp - Copies files or directories.

/R - Copies directories recursively.
/V - Verifies each file after it is copied.
mv - Renames or moves files or directories.

mv <old name> <new name> - Renames a file or directory.
mv <source> <destination> - Moves a file or directory.
rm - Deletes files or directories.

/R - Deletes directories recursively.
/F - Forces deletion of read-only files.
edit - Edits a text file.

echo - Displays a message.

help - Displays help information about commands.

reset - Resets the system.