Share your experience

Who can Join ?

Anybody who feels young(no limit to age group) come and join us.  We can together bring change in our lives, in and around us. As we grow, our josh with hosh  can even bring the changes in our social culture, which will make the society a happy place to live in.

What we are trying to achieve ?

  • To create bridge between people.
  • To improve communication between people, so there will be no mislead, no misinformation, no misuse of  people.
  • To improve awareness of social values, social responsibilities, corruption and its effects, climate change, air pollution, waste management, equality, sexual abuse, men biology, women biology, traffic regulations, basic understanding of law, human rights, first aid, mental abuse, physical abuse, political awareness, fear of assumptions. reactions on conspiracy, basic standard values of human interaction, extremists, religions, physiology, sober techniques.

And how are you planning to do it ?

Simply, by sharing each other’s experiences.

Learning by sharing is what I believe in.   How much do we listen, how much do we receive and ultimately how much we imbibe it in our lives, what matters.

Imagine a man and a woman bearing the burden of a  tortured relationship, just because of the societal pressure. Now imagine again, if the man/woman had heard someone’s experiences, how they fighting/handling/dealing/adjusting/hiding/pretending in their  relationship and their burden in trying to strike the balance in the relationship or in the worst scenario, coming out from it.  At least the man and the woman would perhaps get inspired. From this, someone may help themselves or to others to find a root cause of the problem and avoid it, they may try to find solutions to their tortured relationships in their own way.

This is just an example in this way(by constant communication) we can improve our mental capabilities to handle relations, people, religions, castes which will help to resolve so many other issues.

Youth(Tennage, Younger)  are quite create in dealing with problems, perhaps their energies & knowledge might solve many issues which we are attched unconditionally.  There is a need to understand their ways, which are perhaps correct in their own mind-sets.  In my experience of organising social meetups, I have met many younger people. their dreams and aspirations about their future are are beyond amazing, the josh in the youth can be redirected to N number of possible ways, so awareness is the only way to stop them fall the into issues which they have not perceived.

Results could be good or bad. Let’s encourage our younger generation to come out and speak with full confidence.  There is a lot to learn from them as well. Can we all join to listen to each other?  can we all share to create awareness?

To make everyone’s live’s to live at their extent.