Sun N Soil Farms – Dehradun

Sun N Soil Farms – Dehradun

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    Sun N Soil Farms – Dehradun

    This is one of the quietest place amidst a village behind airport which is hardly 2km from the airport.

    If you are coming to Dehradun and want to stay near Airport at an affordable price with good food, this is best option with out going to Dehradun city.

    You can easily stay here if you have short or long duration plan.

    Alcohol is not allowed here.
    And pure vegetarian food only available.
    But food is really awesome.

    This is the best place for backpackers and have all sorts of card games, Jenga, guitar to play and more.

    You can choose dormitories, female dormitories, male dormitories, mixed dormitories are available.

    Garima is the person who manages everything here, feel free to contact her from the following link.

    I left the best thing in the last where Mr Dean who is awesome architect where he creating beautiful things from bamboo.
    items like pen, bamboo straws, coffee cups, wine glasses, sound amplifiers, water bottles and more from the bamboo which are pretty cool and good to use to avoid plastic or glasses in our day to day life. You can find some beautiful images below.

    And this place also have volunteer options where you can actually call them up and ask what they are looking for.

    People are having such an amazing vibe and thought process and you can explore more of yourselves while having a conversation with them.

    Sweet Warning : You may addict to them to stay longer than what you had planned, you will be mesmerized by their welcomeness like mermaids from the sea of free world.


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